Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Edible Vinyl: Playing Catch Up

So in my long hiatus from the blogosphere (that's right, I said blogosphere) it would appear I've missed out on some updates from our secret bf ilovedragonfly. He's been hard at work while I've been, well, hardly working. He's got a few delicious vinyl pieces that again make me want lick my monitor in ways I can only imagine dogs lick their empty bowls after eating a ginormous raw steak. Get ready to get hungry.

Cheeseburger Munny

Peppered Country Bacon Illazilla

Gingerbread and Fruitcake Munnys

This next one took me by surprise. I thought nothing could make me as hungry as the pecan on that last one's head, but then, my boy delivers the Banana Split Dunny

OMG. Halloween! Candied Apples!

And to end the obsessive posting, I will leave you guys with the Chocolate Preparedness Kit Dunny, which looks awesome.


Please be sure to stop in and check out his page, he's got tons of other vinyl treats for your gazing pleasure. Or stop in and buy us one at the Dragonfly Store