Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Guide to Serving the Browns

That's right. We Browns, or Mexicans as we are also known, like to have special treatment when we attend restaurants. My personal pet peeve, and I think I speak for the entire community, is waiting, especially when my abuelita is there with me, we want to be able to walk in and just sit. None of that 5 minute wait nonsense.

These are rules posted for the serving staff at a Huntington Beach restaurant.

According to the waitress who passed this precious note along to the internet, the restaurant owners "also posted a dress code rule that ladies must wear makeup and skirts could not be below the knee." [Gridskipper]
More outrageously ignorant notes at Passive Aggressive Notes.

Apocalyspe Now. [Rachel Ray Cartoons]

Oprah's company, Harpo Productions, apparently is working on an animated series of Satan's spawn, Rachel Ray, as a young "chef".
Now, I'm not sure how I feel about this one, but to be quite honest, an animated version of Rachael might be easier on the eyes. Then again, it'll still be her voice. [Slashfood]
Set to debut in 2009, first she will brainwash your children, then she will eat them. Someone put a stop to this. Now! Kthx.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Stole this link from someone on the interweb. This minuscule detail does not, even for a second, take anything away from its grandeur.

Heavy Metal Parking Lot, a mid-'80s film documenting lifeforms that once orbited around Judas Priest concerts, has been circulating on shitty-quality VHS bootlegs for years. I just watched it for the first time last night -- and it blowed mah mahnd. BB friends Coop + Ruth turned us on to it, and the film recently became available on DVD (along with Neil Diamond Parking Lot, and lots of other good stuff). Zebraman FTW! [BoingBoing]

Mexican Gorditas

Mexico finally gets ahead in the race and is now number two, only behind the U.S. Oh, wait. Number two fattest nation in the world. I guess that's good, right? That means we're well-fed people. In old times extra weight was a sign of affluence and wealth. Now it's just a sign that you can't keep from shoving stuff in your mouth for more than an hour.

I suppose the fact that the terms such as Gordito(a) or Gordis are terms of endearment in Mexico doesn't really help the issue. I remember growing up there how the culture calls for consuming as much Coca-Cola as possible in a day, not to mention the chicharrones with Salsa Valentina, and without forgetting to fry and re-fry everything on the menu for dinner. I'm not one to debate it. I grew up with it. I fucking love it. Like a fat kid loves churros. Oh wait.

"People don't eat right anymore," said Garcia Garduno , mixing a drink of strawberries and pineapple. "Instead of coming here and purchasing a fruit drink, they prefer to walk across the street and buy fried pork chips. That's why so many Mexicans are obese." [Yahoo! News]
I feel that. Nothing like the smell of a pot of Queso Fundido con Chorizo, a fat stack of tortillas to push it in, and a cold Sidral Mundet to wash it down. It's almost as though even Mexicans have adopted the the American phrase "Don't drink the water" and put it to practice. No one in my family drinks water these days. Soda, coffee, beer, liquor, or aguas frescas. La Virgen nos salve de tomar agua.

As in the U.S., Mexicans are living more sedentary lives. Studies show that they're eating more fat and processed foods, and fewer whole grains and vegetables. Foods— healthy and unhealthy— that once were unavailable now can be purchased at new modern supermarkets. In some areas of the country, it's easier to get a soft drink than a clean glass of water. The vast majority of Mexico City's public schools, and many private schools, lack drinkable water, Popkin said. [Yahoo! News]

In any case, way to go Mexico. Let's keep going and try to sink the city back into the lake it was built on.

Television Smuggling

Over the weekend, as I recouped from quite the celebration of the birth of my two hetero (and homo) life partners, I did what I do best (and what I hate that I do best) I watched television. Since the Netflix competition happened, my life has become a little bit more unproductive. I removed my television from my room as to not be zombified by endless hours of brainwashing. Alas, the entertainment industry was, as always, one step ahead of me and made everything available online.

It wasn't enough that Netflix was mass distributing digital television to my computer, but Fox and NBC teamed up against them as well as Apple on this deal by releasing Hulu, which although still in beta-like phase, still contributed to my brain-feeding (rotting) frenzy.

On Netflix I burned through Heroes, The Office, and Dexter (not to mention I'm currently tied up with The Wire on DVD). On Hulu I've been rewatching Firefly, and killed both seasons of 30 Rock. Last night, as I ran out of The Wire DVD's, much to my surprise Netflix had finally uploaded something new that appealed to me. Weeds.

Weeds is about a single mother named Nancy who sells drugs for a living. After the death of her husband Judah she had no source of income and decided that was it. To make sure she can continue to do this she buys a shop, which sells "cakes" so her real business is no longer under threat. Nancy has two kids, Silas and Shane. Their uncle Andy also lives with them to help support them, although he does a poor job. [TV Rage]
The show started of a bit slow, as many do when they have complicated characters you have to get to know before actually understanding the show, but got more and more interesting as the storyline develops and situations arise. The cast is amazing. Kevin Nealon's character cracks me up and Mary-Louise Parker is a total smoke show.

One huge thing that got my attention while watching, was the theme song. Season 1 opens with Malvina Reynold's - Little Boxes. Catchy tune, I'd heard this song before but never actually put it into context as I did while watching the intro video montage. Season 2 mixes it up with covers of the song by a lot of different artists of indie fame. From Elvis Costello, to Death Cab to Ozomatli to the Decemberists, amongst many others. And the theme is not the only good thing the soundtrack throughout the show is impeccable and very well selected. I've heard everyone from Man Man to Of Montreal to Regina Spektor (who also does one of the Little Boxes covers). Defenitely a must if you're into music and, uh, "sub-cultures".

[Regina Spektor does Little Boxes]

Download [via My Old Kentucky Blog]:

Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes
Elvis Costello - Little Boxes
Death Cab for Cutie - Little Boxes

Wreckfest @ Tiffany's


Refreshments will be served after the Panel Discussion (Graffiti art and the influence of hip hop on art and culture) and before the party (DJ, Video, Fashion, and Swag).

Runs from 3 to 11pm.

Arlington Arts Center
3550 Wilson Boulevard
(Virginia Square metro station)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Mixtape: Funk The War [1 and 2]

After previously posting the Funk the War 3 mix by Eric, I wondered why it was number 3. I figured there should have been a 1 and 2 before, and to my surprise there were. After reading another friend's [Ernie's, newly discovered by me] blog, I found out a little bit more of what was behind these mixes.
A friend of mine asked me to record a 90-minute mix for Funk The War, which is planned for March 19, 2008 to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. [Ryptide Music]
Download: Funk The War - Part 1
[EDIT: Funk the War 3]
01. Freestylers - Feel The Panic (Banned Mix)
02. Edwin Starr - War (King Britt Remix)
03. Cevin Fisher - Music Saved My Life (Pete Heller Remix)
04. Camille Jones - The Creeps (Dance Edit)
05. Deadmau5 - 1981 (Original Mix)
06. Michael Jackson - Thriller (Electro Mix)
07. Kasabian - Me Plus One (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
08. The Crystal Method - Born Too Slow (Deepsky Green Absinthe Dub Mix)
09. Hybrid - Dogstar (feat. Perry Farrell)
10. Ctrl-Z - Chemistry
11. The Doors - Break On Through (BT Rmx)
12. Myagi - Funkgrinder (Dopamine Remix)
13. Digitalis - The Ride (Kid Blue Remix)
14. Myagi - Absent From Skull (Splitloop Mix)
15. Screwface - The Day The Earth Stood Still
16. Tone Deaf Junkies - Noxious
17. Lemon Slide - Bust A Cap In Ya S
18. Black & White - Punisher

Later I found, through my interweb listserv friend, Dan Amitai's blog, part 2.
So last night, after Beyond, I went to Five, and then around midnight I got an MP3 CDs to mix for an anti-war protest this Friday. [Dan Amitai]
Download: Funk the War - Part 2

1. Love is All - Talk Talk Talk Talk
2. The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love
3. Be Your Own Pet - Bog
4. The Clash - Janie Jones
5. Talib Kweli - This Means You
6. The Junk Yard Band - The Word
7. Kanye West & Lupe Fiaso - Touch The Sky
8. Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
9. The Budos Band - Chicago Falcon
10. Operation Ivy - Unity
11. Le Tigre - New Kicks
12. Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
13. MIA & Diplo - China Girl
14. MSTRKRFT - Work On You
15. Gravy Train - Hella Nervous
16. Soft Cell - Tainted Love
17. The Faint - Violent (Junior Sanchez remix)
18. The Unicorns - I Was Born a Unicorn
19. Peaches - Fuck or Kill
20. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Tick
21. The Specials - Gangsters (Mike B remix)
22. Madonna - Angel (DJ Excel remix)
23. Defiance, Ohio - Tanks! Tanks! Tanks!
24. Os Mutantes - Bat Macumba
25. The Max Levine Ensemble - Pizza Guy
26. The Knife - Listen Now
27. The Coup - Captain Sterling’s Little Problem
28. This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - Body Count
29. Bomb the Music Industry - Does Your Face Hurt?
30. Bruza & Bashy - Fuck the Government
31. Digital Mystikz & Spen G - Anti-War Dub

Some people say my life flows in circles

In about two weeks you will be able to find me again running around Jammin' Java every so often. So come in and say hello and have a cup of coffee or listen to a band play or better even buy me a beer.

[Jammin' Java]

Mixtape: Funk the War 3

My boy Eric put this mix together, definitely reflecting his usual eclectic, yet flawless track selection. Good flow and great hits. The tracklist first caught my eye because the opening track is Mambo Sauce, a local band known to play the likes of Jammin' Java. It does however, move forward to rep with the styles of Dr. Octagon, Rick James, Black Flag, Battles, Of Montreal, Beastie Boys, and Mudhoney.

Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed. Good fly-by work soundtrack.

Part 1
Part 2

1. mambo sauce - welcome to dc
2. ultravox - the man who died every day
3. ice cube - the wrong nigga to fuck with
4. dr octagon - trees
5. rick james - superfreak
6. descendents - i don't want to grow up
7. bikini kill - reject all american
8. agent orange - bloodstains
9. future of the left - adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood
10. black flag - louie louie
11. michael jackson - don't stop til you get enough
12. mc5 - kick out the jams
13. M.I.A. - paperplanes
14. goldfinger - show me how you do that trick
15. buzzcocks - ever fallen in love?
16. kaiser cheifs - i predict a riot
17. scream - fight/american justice
18. alec empire - the kids are united
19. mighty mighty bosstones - think again
20. Suburban Legends - Come Back Home
21. !!! - all my heroes are wierdos
22. battles -atlas
23. of montreal - gronlandic edit
24. Heatwave
25. Jackson 5 - a.b.c.
26. Get Ready
27. War
28. bernadette
29. pietasters - same old song
30. mephiskapheles - saba
31. the checkered cabs - la bamba
32. Skatalites - guns of the navarrone
33. the suicide machines - hey
34. beastie boys - sabotage
35. mudhoney - touch me i'm sick
36. red hot chili peppers - higher ground
37. abc - iesha
38. boyz2men - end of the road

Found Art: Lax Chefs

I've been lucky enough to be acquainted with some people who do with a lens things I can only dream about. Snooping around some albums, I came across this photo which sort of romanticizes a chef's break time. I can almost feel that moment of clarity that hits when you step out of the kitchen onto the outside to light a cigarette up and decompress from the hectic noise inside. Commiserating with colleagues and BSing about the customer who came in and asked for Garlic Shrimp with no Garlic, easy on the butter, and with a side of ketchup. Oh and substitute the shrimp for scallops.

Thisisnotaphotograph has some amazing shots of everyday life. Action and stills. Worth a browse. Or ten.

[this is not a photograph]

Rachel Ray will eat your babies.

I don't know where to begin. Her obnoxious face. Her witless and inane commentaries. The way she carries herself. The list goes on. I don't like this woman. I don't like her show. I don't like anything she does. [!!!] I am not alone.

Rachel Ray Sucks LiveJournal
I Hate Rachel Ray
Miss Pinks
Drunken Fist
A whole lot more

Edumacation Progress. [Baby Steps]

I made it on Wednesday to my appointment at the Art Institute to speak with an Admissions Consultant. I got a tour of the campus grounds where the culinary program takes place. A lot of it reminded me of the grounds at L'Academie, but AI had a few more tricks up their sleeve. They have an awesome part of the program where you work on the front end of the restaurant (dining room). They actually have a 4-star restaurant set up on the 12th floor near the kitchen classrooms, name Culinaire, where you serve random guests and are responsible for the operations on that side of the room. This does not take place, if I understood correctly until about your Junior year.

They have a lot more classes that go with the curriculum than a regular school does. For example, for my electives I will be able to choose classes such as Web Design or Photography. Basically anything they offer as long as it's approved by the Dean.

It was all really exciting. Being there, talking to them about it, and (although I know they're probably just worried about taking my money) they were super encouraging and helpful about everything. The campus is conveniently located about 10 minutes away from where I work currently, so that will dissolve commuting issues.

At the moment the only thing we're waiting for is for all the financial aid paperwork processing tobe completed. I locked down an appointment next Tuesday with an Admissions Officer and should everything be kosher, I should be commencing classes come April 1st. I'm really trying not to overexhert myself in anticipation just in case something comes up and this doesn't materialize, but I can say that I am doing everything in my power to achieve this. Stay tuned, more to come.

DC's Best Bakeries. Really?

The people
[Crumbs, LA]

Gridskipper had a write up about DC's best bakeries and although I haven't been to all of these, I can definitely attest to at least two of these based on personal experience. Also on one more based on word-of-mouth reviews. I, for one, have a strong sweet tooth and can easily fall prey to anything that even looks like it may contain sugar. Not to say that anything containing sugar is suitable for ingestion. In my recent visit to LA I got a chance to try some awesome cupcakes at Crumbs and experienced heaven in all of its gloriousness with some cream puffs at Beard Papa's.

  1. Georgetown Cupcake - Although I haven't been yet, I hear these cupcakes are too small and not very delicious, not to mention not worth their price tag.
  2. Patisserie Poupon
  3. Sticky Fingers - These guys used to cater their delicious pastries to Java Green, as they are heaven for vegans and vegetarians alike. Not once sacrificing taste for politics.
  4. Best Buns Bread Company
  5. Pastries by Randolph - I was lucky enough to know someone once employed by them who fed me their eclairs. OMG their eclairs. Definite must.
  6. Baked & Wired


Bourdain: Real or Fake?

[Brasserie Les Halles, DC]

While a number of my peers are skeptical about Bourdains legitimacy, another bunch are huge fans (myself included). While I have yet to experience any of his cooking first-hand, and at the rate he's roaming the world and the media I doubt it will be anytime soon. I base my fanatism of Bourdain on his persona and character, which funnily enough is the very reason why some of my friends want nothing to do with him. His stories in Kitchen Confidential were more than just a set of imagery and verb. The book helped me solidify my vision of what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do it. He reassured me that no matter how bad it looks you can come out on top. I mean look at him now, right? In his previously posted interview with Google, he talks about how his book did this precise thing for many other people and how it also did the exact opposite for others.

One of the places that I've been dying to visit in DC for a while now is Les Halles. Clearly out of curiousity. Although I've heard a couple of bad remarks about the place (obvs from anti-Tony people), but have missed my opportunity to go the last couple of Restaurant Weeks. Through the blogroll this morning I came across a review of the restaurant off of a pretty well-known DC food blog and was happy to find a review quite different from what my "friends" keep relaying.

Les Halles is one of the best bargains in the downtown area for the local Francophile, offering some on the most well priced French bistro treats I've found in the DC area.[DC Foodies]
I really have to go check this place out now! I have to judge for myself. My next question was also covered in the review, thankfully. Drinks.
...there is a good selection of bottles to be had, including several Belgian 750s at under 2x retail, which is pretty good for a bistro. The wines-by-the-glass list numbers around twenty, incorporating an eclectic selection of wine from such places as Provence, Mendoza, and New York, ranging in price from $6.50 to $20.00 a hit. [DC Foodies]
Perfect for out-of-town guests (which I should be having some in the next couple of months).

If you've visiting guests from less metropolitan areas, Les Halles is a great place to introduce them to French cuisine without intimidation or bank account depletion. [DC Foodies]
One of my favorite things about Bourdain is his bluntness. His utter disregard for what other people think. He says what he feels and couldn't give two flying ducks about reactions or consequences. His brutal honesty is one I admire. And like so, expect a full on review of my experience there.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beggin' Strips

GUE hearts Bacon!

[via i love dragonfly]

No. But. Really.

[breakfast toast]

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm biting off their style

Tektonik makes me want to not be home and be at an electro party NOW! So I'm chomping off moves like what. Maybe I'll bust out at the next dance party I go to. I heart Lili Azian.

Makes me want to get a mullet. Can't wait.

[side note: this track could be WAY cooler if someone remixed it]

A Journey of a Thousand Miles. [Baby Steps]

Amongst the series of purposes GUE serves, one of the major ones in this project is to track the advancement in my life from the roots of where my kinship with food began and trace the path of where I hope to end with it. I've been working on a series of life revamps throughout last year and this, which include (but are not limited to) taking charge of my savings and day-to-day finances, clearing my credit report, making plans for the future, and pin-pointing what it is I want in life and where all of this is headed.

Going to culinary school is something I've talked about for almost two years now on a serious note, yet something that's played around in the back of my head for way longer. Reaching this goal, this late in the game, has become a hard goal to achieve, financially. Always caught up in the dilemma of:

  • Classes are at day time hours,
  • I have to work at these hours,
  • I could quit my job as a sacrifice for school -
  • But then I'd have no money to live -
  • I could get loans and budget -
  • My credit is not where it needs to be to get the needed bank financing,
  • Must work to clean credit,
  • Can't go to school because I have to work.
Wow. Just writing down this thought pattern (recurring) makes me short of breath. Definitely a very real scenario and one I deal with every time I try to figure out how to get ahead.

In any case, I've made some calls and ran some numbers. First I aimed low and compact, quick and easy by starting with L'Academie de Cuisine. Then I aimed way high by looking at the CIA, which a photo of the campus alone was enough to make me want to drop everything and go try and get a job as a janitor there. Alas, it is too expensive for me to attend, as much as I would like to. Now I'm shooting for something good and affordable (I hope), or so I intend to find out tomorrow at the Art Institute of Washington, where I hope to take on a B.Sc. curriculum in Culinary Arts Management.

I have an interview/appointment locked down with someone from Admissions who I hope will be able to open up some doors and create some options for me. This is both very exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time. I don't want to get my hopes completely up just yet, but I can't help feeling a little bit of excitement in anticipation of perhaps finally landing where I need to be. Wish me luck!

Edible Vinyl: Redux

This is actually kind of funny. And weird. When I came into work this morning, all I could think about was going out and gettimg myself some Cordial Cherries. You know, the little chocolate bon bons filled with that white sugary creme and a cherry. I know, I know, those are for grandmas, but growing up with my abuelita, I developed an affinity for these.

Well, the weird part of this is that not only was I just thinking about it, it was almost like pocketwookie was channeling some weird energy my way. Trying to tell me of his latest and greates Dunny work. [Killah Beez via i love dragonfly]

GUE has featured his delectable vinyl designs here before, and with good reason. Now I'm just going to have to go and spend my lunch money on chocolate.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mixtape: Cumbia Latina

Latino beats to get the day going. 7 tracks in a zip file. These guys are a lot more downtempo cumbia-step than Bersa Discos, more on the ambiance tip of it.

Zizek is about emerging Hip Hop, Dancehall, Cumbia, and Reggaetón sounds and their respective variations that are going to be touring the states in March. [Analog Giant]

Defenitely full of catchy hooks and grooves. Do it up. Although Zizek's tour calendar is still looking a bit skim, one can only hope they make it to the DC.

Download: here

The Ripoff


Golden showers. In your mouth.

I really don't have the words to get into all this, so I'll quote and let you all read on your own.

Users will test their urine before the reaction. Then, they will add an enzyme, wait for their urine to hydrolyze, and then add Magnesium Chloride. A sediment will build up at the bottom of the jar. Using a filter, they will pour off and flush the liquid, leaving the fertilizer in the jar. They can add water and the seeds included in the kit to grow their own watercress hydroponically in the glass container used for the reaction. [drinkpeedrinkpeedrinkpee]
No. Seriously.

Suck Some Bacon

[via: lollyphile]

This is definitely one out of left field. Bacon lollipops. Made from sustainable, organic bacon and organic maple syrup, for those Greenzos out there.

...once you make that initial leap of faith and try it out, we're positive that you'll love it. The salty chunks of bacon make a delicious and unique counterpoint to the subtle sweetness of the maple. [Lollyphile]

Flashback: Cereal

This definitely took me back to '91. Had just arrived to the States and after school I would race home to watch the Super Mario Bros. Show. Back When Super Mario 2 was revolutionary game play. Man, I can almost hear the ice cream truck driving by.

Google on Bourdain

One of the things I find peculiar about the hits I get on this blog is that they are sporadic and random at best. A large portion of these, however, come from people around the globe googling grandmaster chef, Mr. Anthony Bourdain, and being that GUE hearts Tony, a lot of these people end up here, as his name and photos sometimes appear.

This in the news is relatively old in bloggy years, but I thought it kind of cool. So, I'm posting it to share with you guys. As part of the Authors at Google series. Tony is interviewed by Google executive chef Nate Keller at Google headquarters on November 20, 2007.


It would appear so. Why does it feel so good to be so bad?

Angry Food

[via: Killah Beez]

Kozik's at it again. Kid Robot released these previous Frank Kozik creations, now as a set, Monger Farm's Country Time Breakfast. I am the proud owner of only one of these guys, Stale Donut, yet I crave the rest of them. Will I shell out the cash for these? Stay tuned and find out.

Biomechanics: Chapter 2(?)

So I got a chance to draw some more and elaborate on my art project of biomechanics. I'm really liking how it's coming along, as well as a few of my classmates. the bad news is that I was really going out to finish this and submit it to the student art competition, but my teacher says that because it isn't traditional artwork (i.e. human figure and such) it may be rejected upon submission. He did mention I could make an attempt at submitting it as an Industrial Design piece, but he wasn't very optimistic. Kinda sucks, but I'm going to finish it anyhow, I'm really digging the shading. I'll get a better resolution pic when I get a chance, this came off my phone.

...And We're Back!!!

After neglecting all you fanciful and loyal reader(s?) of mine, I return somewhat hurried, but much obliged to update some. After spending a few days out of commission due to several different illnesses that all befell upon me at once, I'm now back at work doing what I do best. Blogging.

There was brief scare of potential kidney issues, which thankfully, an ultrasound was able to clear up. I will not go into the details of what was actually wrong, but if you really care that much and I'm drunk enough, I will tell you. It is a hilariously awkward story. More awkward if I'm sober. I was asked to strip down and get on one of those hospital robes, it was a bit uncomfortable. Why with all the getting lubed up and rubbed down by a twenty-something year old girl. who also had full access to my ridiculous medical record.

[At the diagnostic center awaiting an ultrasound]

Upon my return to work last week, I was lucky enough for my office to actually remember my birthday and we celebrated it 3 weeks later, not only that, but get this, I also got to buy my own cake! Geez, guys, really you didn't have to. Well, I think of myself enough to go all out so I went ahead and ordered myself a delicious Mocha cake from Cakelove, which was more than a hit. I would die for a slice of that right now, definitely worth the elevated price tag.

[I lost the picture of the actual cake, but it read "Happy Birthday to Me"]

On the way to pick up the cake, I had a late bday lunch at a place that I had heard of tons, but had never had a chance to go to. That's right, DC's own Ben's Chili Bowl. I helped myself to a delicious half-smoke with everything on it and a side (which could have very well been an entree) of their famous chili-cheese fries. Wow. Deliciously artery-clogging. Definitely one of those once every six months type of joints. Yet definitely a must.

[image: cool town studios]


It was almost as though the doctor had told me everything was fine and I could just eat whatever I wanted. Especially fare that could be linked to kidney failure. So I went all out. The next day I followed it up with making the Justice show at the 9:30 club, which was pretty awesome. I think I've gotten to the point where I'm over watching DJs "perform", and now actually enjoy the music and ripping up the dancefloor. which is what I did, although I do have to point out that their set up was sick. Lights and decor were unique and kept the energy of the room lit up.

The next day, dinner at Rio Grande Restaurant in Fairfax, where I proceeded again to fail at following doctor's orders. Ordered for dinner a margarita and the Shrimp Brochette. Oh. My. God. The Shrimp Brochette. Grilled Jumbo Shrimp. Stuffed with cheese and a jalapeños. Wrapped in bacon. served with a tub of butter for dipping. Most likely to be voted the nearest experience to heaven on earth.

And to end the weekend proper and in good spirits, conjured up a batch of the Sandman Nachos (they will put you to sleep!) and killed ab bottle of wine. In an attempt to finally watch Serenity (the sequel to the awesomeness that was Firefly), which was a failed attempt at best when after gorging on nachos.

Well, on that note. I completed my weekend in celebration that my innards are, in fact, in perfect working order and being as unproductive as possible. So for now, back to blogging!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I haven't left or forgotten about the blog. I've been recently dealing with illness and some personal stuff. I, in fact, have a lot to write about, so expect this to blow up in posts without warning and when you least expect it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Food for a good cause

This Thursday, area restaurants will be participating in the annual Dining Out for Life event, where over 130 restaurants have agreed to donate between 25-100 percent of their night's sales to benefit Food & Friends. [DCist]

Since I missed Restaurant Week for a number of reasons, this is a bit of an incentive to come out and try something new in the city! Let me know if anyone goes out for this.

Full list of participating restaurants.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Musical Interlude

Today is a little hectic at work, so the posting might roll slowly today. In the meantime I will leave you with a gem I found after days of scavenging the internets for it. I had found a million and one remixes, but this one was the one I wanted, and now it's here! The extended version of Yelle's - A Cause Des Garçons (TEPR Tektonik Remix). This track makes me want to bounce. For the longest since I first saw the video for this and heard this remix, I was convinced that "Tektonik" was either the dude remixing the track or the name of the remix. Now I've come to find that Tektonik, in fact is the name the Europeans gave rave dancing. It's basically the same dance we've all been dancing for years, except they switched to tighter jeans and removed the glowsticks. !!! Love this. [via Eat Skeet]

Download: here

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mixtape: Ocelot

Custom Munnys!

I usually don't post two mixes in one week, but this is too good to let pass by unnoticed. This is a duo from Texas named Ocelot. This mix rocks it with stuff like Daft Punk, Stardust, Yelle, Justice, and Run DMC, amongst other hotness. The mix is through sendspace, so I suggest you cop this while it's still up! [via analoggiant]

Download: here