Friday, February 29, 2008

Artistic Direction

A friend of mine just turned me on to a write up on the LAist, about cartoonist Doug Davis, who is having his first gallery exhibition tonight at the Gary Leonard Studio in Los Angeles.

Now, you may read this, and say "Wtf is Doug Davis and why should I care?". Here is where I wold retort with "It's not about who he is, but what he is". He is definitely an inspirational figure, in my opinion, especially after reading his interview with LAist and his feature in Los Angeles Downtown News, where Doug was previously the art director and is a current contributor to its political strip "Urban Scrawl". Considering my interests in illustration as a hobby and as a potential career, I very much identified with his answer to one of the LAist's questions.


How did you get started in illustration? I was one of those kids who drew all the time, and I pored over comic books and “Peanuts” collections. In my twenties, I didn’t draw as much, but did other things like travel overseas, play the banjo, major in philosophy in college. From one perspective, it was an eclectic approach to life; from another, unfocused. Either way, it provided a variety of life experiences that are good for cartooning. I did editorial cartooning for my college paper, eventually landing in graphic design and art direction. I worked my way back to drawing again, and find my greatest challenge and reward in cartooning and illustration. [LAist]
It sort of put things a little into perspective and gave some harmony to the chaos that I dwell within. Not everybody has to have a defined contingency plan and I feel ok with where I'm headed and the road I'm choosing to travel to get there.

Some Things Are Meant for HD. Some Some Things Aren't.


So. Um. Well. This is awkward. Uh...Nice weather we're having!

Anthony, when we said we loved you, we were not projecting any kind of actual physical or sexual tension. At least not any that would actually involve taking your clothes off. I guess it's okay this time, since he was totally hungover after a night of heavy drinking and hard drugs. As only our favorite chef is capable of!

Is this enticing? Does this make ANYONE--even longtime convicts--feel compelled to tune in? Some Things May Indeed Be Better in HD. My puffy, drink ravaged face and 51 year old naked torso would NOT be one of them. [Anthony's Blog]
Lucky for you we find self-deprecation charming.

Chopstick Fetish

It's no secret I love chopsticks. It could even be argued that I'll try and eat almost anything with them.

One part cutlery, one part chopstick, and 100% bamboo, Choplery is a fun dining tool that begs the question "Does Pad Thai taste the same with a fork?" Created by Brooklyn-based designGO!, they simultaneously offer options and almost force a choice when eating: knife, fork & spoon, or chopsticks? [Treehugger]


Not only are these 100% bamboo, which is a great a sustainable and renewable resource (green!!) They also double up for that hard to reach rice at the end of the meal! So hot!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Making Moves

[Consumerist via Penelope Trunk]

The uncertainty of jobs in these days on the brink of recession is nerve-wrecking to say the least. I often ponder on when it would be a good time to change career paths and if staying within my same field is wise. Anyone that knows me knows the basic me. I work business, but long for art. The endless internal debate of what to do and where to go and how to do it.

Penelope Trunk has a phenomenal post on this very topic that, through the blog roll, I discovered.

Here’s how you figure out what to do next in your career: you line up all the stuff you like to do and you figure out which one will pay best. Don’t complain to me that I’m too focused on money. Really. Just do the exercise. The ones who are complaining the most right now, after reading just this far, are the people who are most in denial of what adult life is about.

Look, figuring out what you should do is actually a hard task. Because you have to start eliminating stuff. [PT]
Wow. Have I just been fooling myself all along? No. Definitely not. I know what I like. I know what I want. Entrepreneurship, food, and art are in my future. Paperwork? Not so much.

Emeril Goes Green.

omg. he looks so sad

Although I'm not a huge fan of his work, I do have to admit this is a pretty good idea, if anything for the support of greener food enterprises and for the recipes (you are free to shop where you most like). Apparently after the end of Emeril's last season on the Food Network, he went crazy and sold out his Emeril cooking line (or most of it anyhow) to Martha Stewart.

Now he's back as Emeril Green, and this time he will be cooking from inside a Whole Foods store using all organic, free-range products. Sounds interesting and very similar to something I had been talking about earlier today. [Slashfood via Ecorazzi and Treehugger]

Oh noes!


More on delicious bacon. Out of clean dishes? Out of detergent? Oven's still working? Watching your weight? Your cholesterol? Need to have a salad RIGHT NOW!?!

Make your own bowl!

[Serious Eats via Not Martha]

Also, be sure to top your salad with this.


Getting Fit is the Hardest Part

In my never-ending struggle to fend off fatness consistently perpetuated by my lack of activity (office job) and my eating habits (birthday cake!!), I try to stay on top of what it is I need to do to keep the weight off. And it's a challenge. Reading about the right steps to take is the easy part. Putting those steps in motion and incorporating them into my lifestyle is most definitely a difficult task.

Diethack had a great write up today on some people also struggling with this, but nevertheless maintaining their goals. In 2006 I achieved the ultimate. I dropped 60 lbs., that I had been dragging around for quite some time, right off on the curb. By way of being cautious of what I was eating, constantly conscious of my intake, and hard time at the gym. Towards the end of 2007 I started slacking on all this due to several factors. Mostly BS excuses that somewhat justify everything in my head.

There are some steps I had been taking on Diethack's entry, and I plan on getting back on top of them beginning today.

  • Eat a good breakfast. [I can't function without it and thankfully I do this every day]
  • Eat smaller portions. [This is a tricky one. I'm a big boy]
  • Choose the healthier foods. [Since I've fallen back into the bad habits of empty simple carbs, getting back off this train will prove a challenge]
  • Drink lots of water. [Another one I need to do better at]
  • Enjoy healthy snacks. [I'm not much of a snack person, but those random ice cream OD attacks will have to be stopped]
  • Skip dessert. [I don't usually have dessert, so this is almost a non-issue]
  • Exercise three times a week. [I'm on it, boss!]
  • Get physically active in small ways. [This was a lot easier when I had the second job, I need to find more stuff to keep me off of the couch]
  • Join an online support community. [Eh. I think I'll pass on this one]
  • Find inspiration. [Trust me. Every time I try something on and it doesn't fit, it inspires me by fear-of-fatness-induction]

Mixtape: Cumbia styla!

[The Fader]

Time for some fresh music, tropicalia style. Now someone get me a pineapple. Or a melon. Bersa Discos presents this Fader Exclusive Cumbia mix. Enjoy the landing from a not-so ordinary Humpday.

Download the sickness: here

Street Art and Culture Night (inadvertently)


As mentioned previously, I set out yesterday to make the lecture by Marc and Sara Schiller from the Wooster Collective on the urban street art movement, its influences in modern day art, and how it's infiltrating galleries.

Marc and Sara Schiller Speaking at the Wooster Collective Urban Art Lecture

They did an amazing job at covering all the bases. From its roots, to its key players, to where the movement is headed, and what its all about. They had an awesome slideshow including works from some of my favorites and even some new artists I'd never heard of but defenitely caught my attention. Pieces from Banksy, Swoon (<3), JR, and Elbow-Toe were present on this well-crafted slide program.

They also had set up a hallway downstairs with a series of pieces on exhibit that will go on acution at a time that I am unaware of. I will keep checking and update this (xx/xx/xx) as soon as possible. They had definitely acquired a good set and it was quite the treat to catch a glimpse of some of these guys' works without having to hunt them down in alleys and tunnels in the NYC. Check it out if you get a chance before the works are gone.

Random urban works

After a very fullfiling lecture and walk about the gallery, I headed to meet a friend for coffee, when something unexpected came up and took a detour to meet said friend at Kickballers. According to my "sources" it is their last week (if not day) in business. Be sure to go out and cop some of the stuff they still have on the racks at super cheap prices!

Although it wasn't my regular hang out spot, I did spend some time there buying some awesome gear and toys. I think they were doing a fantastic job at pushing the street scene to the mainstream in DC. There's only a handful of establishments doing so with new ones sprouting up all over the place. It's sad to see an awesome project like this fade out in the ocean that is M Street Georgetown. Best of luck to these guys in the future.

KB after party in my room

We shared a few drinks, had some awesome Middle Eastern fare (second in choice only to Moby Dick's which was closed at the time), and wasted time browsing the racks and searching for good deals. They had brought back some of the custom Munny's on display from the Say Whatt?! show, of which I tried to scoop one up unwittingly, as they are going for about $600 a piece. (eek!) The owner was also having everyone sign one piece of wall that he wanted to conserve as memorabilia, in which I got a chance to get my grubby fingers on a few sharpies and leave a mark.

panoramic wall shot

Definitely make it out there if you can, they're getting rid of everything for dirt cheap, and I mean everything. Hangers, shelving units, decor, and, of course, merchandise. Get on it, tsun!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Art Imitates Life: Street Art...DC

On of GUE's illicit love affairs continues to be with Wooster Collective, beloved blog site featuring street art photography and video from submitters all around the globe, and they're coming to DC!!

Some of my favorite names I've learned through WC and continue to follow them outside of there. Wooster is also responsible (as far as I can tell) for a similar new photo blog by the name of Streetsy. Which also features some fantastic stencil artwork.

Marc and Sara Schiller, creators of the site, will be making an appearance in DC tonight! Presenting some slides and giving a lecture on the amazingly beautiful art one can find in the streets and how this art has become such an influence in modern and contemporary art that can now be found in galleries and museums throughout the world.

Marc and Sara will be presenting this fun, and sometimes powerful, ephemeral medium and outlining its explosion all around the world. Employing nontraditional techniques such as paste, stencils and spray paint, the artists show off their talents in unlikely places. "They travel to do it and are very considerate of what locations pieces go in," said Sara, "They are doing something illegal every day by putting up art to be consumed by the public, which flies in the face of what the art world is typically about." [DCist]
Street art defenitely influnces a lot of what I do as an "artist" as well as a lot of my lifestyle. So you can probably guess I've already wet my pants over this a few times since finding out. Make sure and come out!

[Wooster Collective]

From the Streets to the Gallery: How Contemporary Art is Being Influenced by the Urban Experience

When: Tonight from 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Where: Katzen Arts Center at American University, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.

RSVP to info [at] or 202-234-7103.


As I've mentioned before, I have been trying to switch and maintain my fod intake to be as largely organic as possible without straining my wallet too too much.

I've come to find that, although not all my food yet, there have been some changes in my food purchasing that now occur without me even thinking about it. For example, my eggs and my milk are now constantly organic. Meats and poultry I try to obtain all natural (without hormones or additives, and free-range when at all possible). You can definitely taste the difference after you've changed. Not only in your taste buds, but also in the way you feel. I know my man-boob-age has been reduced since (I started going to the gym and) I started eating hormone-free food on the regular.

[wow. circa 2002. just. wow.]

It's a nice thought to be able to greenify your pantry, however it can cost a pretty penny. One of my regular blog reads, Get Rich Slowly, has a fantastic write up (as always) on how to break into the habit of purchasing organic without killing your bank account.

More here (GRS).

Edible Vinyl: WANT

It's not secret that I like toys almost as much as I like food. Well not quite as much, but pretty high up on the chart of wasted income.

Well, yesterday, while "thumbing" through our secret bf, Killah Beez, we came accross a perfect combination of or beloved urban vinyl and, get this, cream puffs!!! If you're unfamiliar with the vinyl, be sure to stop by and get acquainted.

Well, without further adue, GUE presents to you Pocketwookie's Tasty Treats!

These guys are awesome. I mean, I've come across some sweet customized DIY Munny's before, but wow. These guys actually tricked me and for a second I wanted to put one in my mouth or lick the monitor at the very least.

The texture of the puff pastry Munny combined with the frosting, and the very well-designed box all played a trick on me.

and then there's the mini-pops!

[Images: Killahbeez via Pocketwookie]

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


As I have mentioned before, GUE loves toast! and through my regular blog roll, I bumped into this nifty little phone!


Reminiscent of the phone in Diablo Cody's recent Oscar taker, here comes the toaster phone. The toaster is the charger and it comes with two handsets. Hot.

Sweets on ecstasy

Man. Another reason to love the Japanese. Their silly television. In their Pupurun candy commercial, the (what appears to be) jelly-like candy, bursts into a trance of pleasure and ecstasy as he "dissolves" in your mouth. Wow.

[Serious Eats]

I guess it could always be a lot worse.

Or a hell of a lot cuter.

Time to slice my fingers open

Starla's finally out of the shop (!!!) and after about a 120 minute one-on-one session between me and her of remembering my way around her (and having my way with her), it is quite obvious that I need to practice and hit the strings hard. My fingertips are sore from hitting those metal strings. I love that feeling as I love the soreness in my muscles after a good work out, I missed it.

There is a number of songs I want to get down. The first being The Island: Come and See The Landlord's Daughter (You'll Not Feel the Drowning) by The Decemberists. I took a crack at We Both Go Down Together (I love this song, ultimate star crossed story) by them as well and got the chords down and the singing part to a T (although my voice is def. not one for singing). I also toyed around with a Smashing Pumpkins arrangement of The Cure's A Night Like This last night, which I got down pretty good.

I really need to work on my finger work, however. I can do chords with minimal effort, but once you start throwing in scales, melodies, and solos in there, I'm pretty much at a loss. I played around with some blues scales and some jazz scales, I hope these can start helping my mobility and my agility.

A couple of nights ago, trying my hardest to go to sleep, I put on something on TV to watch. Unfortunately, it was something that caught my attention until it was over and only kept me up longer thinking about what I need to do. It was a documentary covering the scene that for so many years I was a part of and to this day overcomes me with only the minimal beat coming out of the speakers. The film was Put the Needle on the Record, which was a collection of footage of parties and interviews throughout Miami's notorious and infamous Winter Music Conference. where anyone and everyone involved in the electronic dance music scene and industry are at. Fantastic documentary, a more grown up and mature look at the industry from what Better Living first showcased a few years back. In any case check it out, it features some of the biggest names and most influential personalities of the dance world, and the opening track is off of the Latin Project compilation (which I need to figure out where I left that CD).

In any event, this film aside from making me want to fly out to Miami come end of March for this year's WMC, it got me to thinking about my computer, and all the music production software I purchased, and how now that Starla's come back into my life, it's time to buy an interface and actually make some music.

So I will be shopping around for something, preferably with a keyboard, to be able to plug in and get this shit started. Also, I need to find myself copies of Cuebase and Logic (anyone out there with access to these, please hit me up!) to be able to get the ball rolling. How else will I be able to ever live out my dreams of being a bedroom DJ? Heh.

Monday, February 25, 2008

California Dreaming (of food)

The freeway
[More Trip Photos]

Well, after a well deserved vacation, I return to my cruel reality of nine to five and fluorescent artificial lighting. I did spend quite the weekend down in sunny Los Angeles, California focusing on relaxation and eradicating worries. How I love the Southwest. It reminds me of home. The people, the food, the way of life, and the weather. Oh boy, the weather. Although we had a few sunny moments, it was pretty chilly for the most part, which made my dreams of running shirtless through the beach, wearing only white canvas pants, impossible. Heh.

I'll start at the beginning, however. It all started at around 4:30 in the morning when I was to be picked up by a Super Shuttle van, where little did I know, but I was about to embark on yet another GPS-deficient adventure in search of passenger homes. This would be the 2nd time, 1st time coming back from the El Paso wedding a few weeks ago. These guys charge you close to $30 in fare and pre-added gratuity. Don't open doors nor do they help you with your bags, yet they still get angry and demand you tip them again. No way. Not to mention that they don't know how to get anywhere, and none of them have any type of GPS or maps. Well that's untrue, some of them carry paper maps, which they make you (the passenger) read to them so they know how to get to your destination. I was convinced that' what fare was for, a service provided. Horrible experiences each time I've been with them, I probably will not be using them again. I think I will write to them and give them a piece of my mind.

Shortly after our passenger-guided trip, I arrived at Dulles International Airport where I proceeded to my gate. I was flying Virgin America, for the first time (pun entirely coincidental). Wow. I cannot say enough good things about this airline. The Captain came out to the waiting area and introduced himself, greeted every passenger there, and assured us of punctual departure and arrival. The air staff was kind, polite, and attentive. !!!! Then the good stuff. Getting on the actual plane. All leather seats, plenty of room to move around in. Which is usually an issue for me being 6'1" and all. It was like a night club in there, Latin house was playing in the background of a purple/red lit lounge. I didn't know if I should sit or go looking for the bar. Amazing. The once in my seat, I was greeted by RED. Their on-flight do-all service screen. Cable TV, premium TV shows, extensive movie catalogue, video games, ipod-like mp3 jukebox with a bunch of good stuff including, but most definitely not limited to Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Orbital, Underworld, Atmosphere, Common, amongst others, inter-seat chat rooms, food and drink order menus, and you just slide your card through the monitor and you're set. I need to use the facilities, Justice is playing in there! Wow again. And the ticket price was beyond reasonable. I just wish they had more domestic destinations. I'd be all up on that.


I arrived quite early and was welcomed by a delicious brunch at an Irish-like pub right on the ocean front. Where, due to our long wait, we were treated to a round of free beers by the waitress.

henessy bfast!  yay for free drinks

I proceeded to order a burger how I like my burgers. With a fried egg on top.

bacon cheeseburger (w/ a fried egg!)

After that a weekend of rest, drinking, and partying ensued. Clear skies and palm trees.


Didn't do very many tourist-like things other than walk up and down Hollywood Boulevard. Saw a street break dance circle where we were accosted by the dancers to tip them. I mean, I can appreciate what they're doing, but they are seriously a bit on the demanding end of the tipping spectrum. Stopped in along the way at Beard Pappa's for the most delicious cream puffs, ever. Needless to say we went back for more.

I wanted to have babies with that box
[Beard Papa's]

Time for drinks. After all, I'm what once was my homeland. So what better way to set off the festivities, and carry them along through out the trip than delicious Palomas. Tequila and grapefruit soda. which has been my choice of drink in the fatherland since I can remember drinking. Well, that and vodka pineapples.

Round 1 begins

Followed Shortly by a quick stop taco dinner at a Taco Bell-ish joint with a way more Mexican touch. Del Taco. Where I proceeded to devour a quesadilla and some beef tacos.

Del Taco

Did visit a lot of "musts" while down there. Hit up LACMA, for an awesome exhibit of this weird gigantic balloon figure art, and some great displays of contemporary art with greats such as Warhol, Lichtenstein, Basquiat, Miro, Picasso, Kirchner, amongst others. The whole thing was that there was no photography allowed in the museum, and I was threatened by a 60 year old security guard to be kicked out of the museum if I kept up my shenanigans. I was a great time, not to mention the weird carnival-esque people on stilts and the dancing swans outside. Quite a visually gratifying experience.

[More LACMA Photos]

After walking around for a bit we hit up Scoops for some delicious gelato.


Now when Scoops was explained to me, it was not by any means belittled. It was no less than described as the grandest gelato spot to ever exist. With random flavors whipped up every day such as Mango Red Bull, Espresso Mascarpone (which I had), Chocolate Wasabi, amongst others. It was delicious and it was housed on a strip of coffee shop type spots, where I'm convinced that if I lived in LA, I would definitely spend a lot of time in.

At one point or another I was treated twice to come visit a night club, where an incredible friend of mine works. The party was Giant at Vanguard. Where I heard some amazing music and literally put holes in my sneakers from so much dancing. This place was huge, I mean larger than anything I'd seen at least, or so it appeared. Huge back patio with heat lamps and full of nearly nude girls. (!!!) Great time.

Later on (or the next day, the trip is a little hazy) we set out for In N Out burgers. Man, it seems you have to wait in line for everything in LA. The line was ridiculously long, and no parking in the near vicinity. But boy, oh boy, was it worth it. Delicious fries

Double Double

Shortly thereafter we set out on an excursion to Beverly Hills to get coffee and dessert. We attempted to hit up the oh so famous Sprinkles for cupcakes. again, the line was outrageous.

The line at sprinkles and the reason why we didn't even bother getting down

So instead we hit up Crumbs, which was only a couple of blocks away, and equally as intriguing and delicious. Where I had an amazing Cappuccino cupcake which I chased down with a delicious Vanilla Latte from the Coffee Bean. OMG, the Coffee Bean, I mean I love my coffee black and bitter, and every so often I'll venture out and get a sweet vanilla latte. This, by a mile, has been one of the most delicious lattes I've drank, whatever they use for flavoring is quality and amazing.

To end the night, I was courteously invited to one of the coolest little dives I've ever been to. One of the Tiki-Ti fame. Awesome little bar, not very big, very dim lit with Christmas type lights, and full of decor ranging from tiki heads to license plates, to pirate gear, to neon signs. All tropical drinks made to order ad super strong. I myself had the tequila sunrise and it was strong. Great place to pass the time. The owners, who also run the bar, were friendly and welcoming.

Tiki Ti's

After a continuous non-stop drinking parade, the only way to have breakfast is fried. So I went out to the market and worked up a savory treat with my special Heart Attack Platter. Fried bacon, refried beans in bacon fat, fried tortillas in bacon fat, fried eggs in bacon fat, and pico de gallo.

Then off to meet the family. From an estranged family, I am to meet my half-brother and half-cousin for the very first time ever. Wow. That was such an intense experience and yet not what I had expected, not at all what I had expected. Things went by too fast. Not enough dialogue. Things seemed rush, in a subconscious stream of adrenaline, excitement, nervousness, it was like a lot happened. A big step in figuring myself out as a person and where I come from. Yet so empty in so many ways. But as it was stated then and there. there's time, and this was merely the first step of a journey of a thousand miles.

Los Irabienes

Followed this charade, which incidentally trickled over into my birthday celebrations into a party called Monday Social at Nacional. A smaller venue, although probably bigger than most places weekly dance parties are held in DC. 2 floors. One dance floor. And a whole lot of rave. In a drunken stupor apparently I was greeted, or met in any case, Bunny from Rabbit in the Moon and I want to say Scott (?) from the Crystal Method, both artists I've seen perform more than once at more than one place, so that was kind of cool I guess, although a blur.

Once the party dispersed, once again my amazing and most gracious host took me for birthday dinner to counteract the tequila fire in my insides. I was taken to the Roosevelt Hotel for some burgers of gargantuan proportions and a basket fo fries and rings that was to die for. Literally.

Build-a-Burger Workshop @ The Roosevelt

On that note we ended a great night and celebrated my birthday in a fantastic way. And woke up to yet another case of Beard Papa's Cream Puffs. Glorious.

Right before catching my flight, we stopped at a Mexican restaurant, I couldn't have been to Cali and not gone for some delicious Mexican. We went to Los Burritos. where I ordered an amazing platter of Chiles Rellenos (which could have used a bit less batter, but were good no less) and a side of Tacos de Aguacate. Fabulous. Drank it down with some Jamaica and It was heaven in my mouth. This place was awesome, and although it almost had the feel of a family-owned establishment, it appears to be a small SoCal chain.

mexican food rules you

Eventually I made my way back to LAX, where I promptly rant to my boarding station to hop onto the club zone flight. I got lucky again and had the whole row of seats to myself, where I propped myself up with my feet on the seats and pillows and blankets. I believed I napped for about 30 minutes, but then watched The Office and Dexter (my new addiction), until I landed at 6:30 am.


Once back at Dulles, where I had a reservation for another Super Shuttle to bring me back into DC for work, I realized it was early enough to make it home, shower, change and drive to work. But alas, their amazing customer service failed again and said that if I wanted to go Fairfax, I had to pay extra fare. So decided to not give them any more of my time, energy, and most definitely money, I came straight to work, where I believe I fell asleep more than once at my desk. So not ok. Thankfully I work with great people that instead of graciously waking me up or ratting me out to the boss, they kept creeping up on me and yelling real loud to try and make my heart explode in fear. >:o

Friday, February 22, 2008


Well, just got back from my trip to the West Coast and wow, do I have a lot to write about. This will come in due time.

For now, however, I would like to make light of the fact that people actually read my blog. Not only do they read it, but they comment on it as well. ZOMG! I'm, like, so popular.

Thanks, DCide, for making all my dreams of a read blog come true.

As far as your comment, let me first state that, had you read my blog, you would have realized that I'm not even from any bridge or tunnel. Also, you would have realized that I probably think you're an idiot for thinking that because just because you've lived in DC for, what? six months now? it does not give you some sort of high horse of self righteousness to ride around in.

DC is also full of douche bags, just like everywhere else I've lived. Who knew?!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Signing off...

Now it's for reals this time.

Time to pack for the trip.


Meanwhile: GRS teaches you how to eat for cheap!
One of the best ways to save money on food is to eat more meals at home. Better yet, eat more meals that you prepare instead of foraging from boxes and cans. With today’s busy lifestyles, this can be a difficult transition to make, especially if you’ve never been much of a cook. But quick, cheap, healthy food is possible. [GRS]
OMG. I love these guys, hands down. Reminiscent of an older post of mine, but with a thrifty twist!

The Music Post

One last entry to leave you with some tunes to jam out to while your favorite Mexicano is out and about cruising the country. Download and feel all the hipness you felt were lacking by bouncing your head to the styles of the Wolf.

[Brooklyn Vegan via Stones Throw]

Download: here

Thursday, February 14, 2008

GUE hearts toast

Coincidentally though, I keep bumping into stuff tonight that needs posting immediately. (I call this phenomenon "procrastination")

Toast is by far a most delicious staple.

GUE's secret bff, Wooster Collective, brings us a fantastic piece of street art in an ode to toast.

[Wooster Collective]

While I'm out...

Check out this amazingly awesome time waster.

[Film Cow]

Nothing like food and sex to make the day go by faster!

"Wanna spoon?!" rofl.

Also, don't forget to check out GUE's frendz and favs!


Don't miss me too much now! (Although if I were you, I'd probably miss me)

Temporarily Out of Service

I will be heading to the West Coast for some grubbin' and some groovin' and to celebrate my birthday (plase send cash and gifts) until mid-next week.

[!!!@not wearing sweaters]


Although there probably won't be any posting until then, rest assured that I will come back with an arsenal of photos and stories that will make you hungry and angry you weren't there. (<3)

See ya next week!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Arrgh, matey! I love me some bacon!

In the grand ol' spirit of fine, bacon-worshipping entries, we (and by "we", I completely mean "I") bring you again via Easyjo, another meaty concoction of the pork kind. We have been tipped off by the creator about a new project he has just completed.

From the same people that brought you the meat house, unveiled is:


[Easyjo's Meat Ship Gallery]

In the same bacon spirit we found some more of that sweet bacon gear you've grown to love.

A t-shirt [via Serious Eats] bearing only the best diagram to ever depict the butchering of a pig for consumption:

[Available for purchase now!]

And a new version of the ever-sought-after bacon scarf [via Slashfood] is now available as well! SOLD OUT.

[This one, sadly, is no longer on sale as there was only one made]