Monday, December 24, 2007


There is a number of traditions around the world when it comes to celebrating Christmas. There are a lot of different ones practiced within Mexico in itself. A lot of these have to do with the fact that Mexico is in itself a very pagan and Roman Catholic country. Yes, both. At the same time.

The Mexican Christmas season extends from mid-December through to Candlemas on February 2nd. Starting with the posadas on December 16th, a series of processions and parties remembering Mary and Joseph's search for shelter, and ending 40 days after Christmas when Mary would have taken baby Jesus to the temple to be blessed. Read more about Mexican Christmas traditions. []
In our house, it has always been the spiced apples. The smell of the sweet syrup wrapping about you. The oven warmed house as they bake inside, steaming the kitchen windows as the cold prevails outside. Stuffed in a medley of dates and dried plums and grapes and figs.

It's traditions such as these that keep the spirit of the holidays alive within us. Reviving vivid memories of winters past in the company of those we love and care about most. Especially in these times of fast living. At least there is one place in the world trying to conserve their local customs, their cuisine in particular. Italy.
Slow Food is an organisation dedicated to counteracting fast food, fast life and the disappearance of local food traditions. Started in 1989 in Italy, its time has come, now that so many people are concerned about where their food originates and how food choices affect the world. []
If anything, you can always count on one thing to alleviate the pressures of holiday cuisine by my favorite answer to most problems. TEQUILA! (!!!)