Saturday, December 29, 2007

White or wheat?

Pondering some more on the aspects of racism, I took a second to look back at my growing up in the United States, and the many different times where I've been discriminated against.

Perhaps even not in the conventional way that one would take the term "racism" to be defined. Mainly because the people discriminating were not Americans. It was Hispanics. Most of my time spent working in kitchens ranging from Village Inn to T.G.I. Friday's I grew accustomed to overhearing conversations about me. In Spanish.

Most of my life I've been hearing lines of "Wait. You're Mexican?!!!" or "No way, esé, you look like a güero!". Being probably the fairest-skinned member of my family, and most of my white friends, people are usually surprised and in disbelief of my Hispanic heritage.

To the point where I have to constantly make a strong argument for people to believe me. Even more so now that my features are notably darker than when I first began my career as a human being.

If I hear "Say something in Spanish" one more time, I think I just may go postal on somebody.

I guess you can say I'm a white Mexican. I've often said, I'm probably the whitest Mexican you'll ever meet. In every sense of the word. Product of my environment indeed. Yet not quite sure that I would fall into the complete category of the "White Mexicans"
Did you know that Mexico was invented by White people? And they still have all the power (though none of the English grammatical skills despite their impressive private schooling)? Well we did know that part about the power and the grammar. But not the inventing! Also, if the Indigenous people would stop spitting out papooses, Mexico could go back to being Italian or Mennonite or…oh shit we got bored. [Guanabee]