Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baby steps

In the new year, although only 17 days in, some things begin to look a little bit more tangible. Being out of debt is finally a couple of steps away. Clarity in mind about the future sets in.

Clarity in such a way, that I believe the right steps need to start taking place. I talked about how I believed in only working for myself for the rest of my life. About how no matter how much of my time I spend in academics, ultimately I want that to be for myself. I keep reading stories on applying your hobbies into your professional life in order to find a career in doing what you love.

Well I love many things and I think all of these can come together in unison to reach my ultimate goal. I'm planning on owning my own business, hopefully no later than 2011. Music. Food. Art. Furniture. Socializing (!!!). All of these skills will come into play soon enough.

First things first, I am working on researching my options as far as financing. Clearing my credit is sure to be the first major stepping stone into financing. It will allow me to have more room to work with when I make it into the bank to ask for a rack of cash. It will also ensure that the only payments I'm making are to the bank and not a million creditors wanting my head.

Secondly will be taking full advantage of any programs available for grants and loans. I have a couple of points on my side. I will be a start up, small business and I am Hispanic. The business plan in development will play a major role in acquiring the necessary funds, but one is definitely in the works.

It had been suggested to me to start an offshoot of what will at one point become the main business. Like say you wan an art gallery, you start painting first. You want to own a hair salon, you freelance. You want to own a restaurant you cater. Which seems like a viable option and a fun idea to get my product out there, my name known, and start working out a lot of the details. What sells, what doesn't. Cost forecasting and trend research.

I've been doing some reading and a lot of note taking, taking full advantage of the many courses offered by the Small Business Administration online, about business management and administration. That site is full of usefull iformation and it's all free.

Clearly we have taken some insight into my love of food and art. so I've decided to heed the advice and get the gears running on this food business. I'm actually excited, since all of this is becoming more and more tangible with each passing day and each dollar sent into the pits of creditor hell.

Does anyone out there know of any Government or private programs for Latinos that maybe I may have missed?