Friday, January 4, 2008

Deceive your taste buds

A new freeze-drying technique is being used to trade flavors and nutrients in fruits. Labs in Japan work hard every day to make our taste buds happy and our bodies healthier. Dorito flavored turnips?!
In the future, no natural food will taste as you remember it now. Because face it: fruits and vegetables are great. But if turnips tasted like Doritos, America wouldn't be so fat that our continent occasionally dips into the ocean, like arm floaties on a grown man. Tokyo company FCOM is learning how change food as we know it. Instead of using genetic modification, they're utilizing techniques from other industrial processes. Through freeze-drying fruit, FCOM is then able to replace with water with flavor (or in the case of strawberries, water with white chocolate) [Gizmodo]
Wait. Dorito's make you fat?!! Who knew?!