Monday, January 14, 2008

Egg muffin sandwich for the Latino on the go (inside you)

Heart pumping. Adrenaline rushing. Palms sweating. 3 minutes left for getting everything done around the house, but no one can function on an empty stomach. Particularly not the fat Mexican kid.

So here's what you do. You pull out what's left in the fridge from last time you grocery shopped 6 weeks ago, and you throw it in the pan.

Crack some eggs and whisk 'em up from scrambles

Throw down for some omelette-like ingredients

Throw in the pan, along with some of them Mama Lycha refried beans from the other night

Melt some cheese on the junk

Toast up some English muffins

Serve up all sandwich like

Don't forget the fire

you're out of the house before you know it and well on your way to that place you hate going to that pays all your bills. And no, I don't mean your mom's house.