Monday, January 14, 2008

I sprinkled bacon on bacon and time traveled

I was having a conversation about old school Disney cartoons with someone who clearly did not have a childhood. Goofy cartoons. There were so many good ones.

Two particular ones I was referring to, due to a conversation about defensive driving classes, randomly came up through the blog roll today. boy did these take me back. Back when Disney was full of ideas and wasn't yet owned by Satan. It really is funny how some of these, although far fetched now, much more then, some of these are actually options in vehicles now and the Goofy character embodies every DC driver (including myself every now and again) I cross paths with on a daily basis. One of those, it's funny because it's true things.

Magic Highway USA

Motor Mania

[EcoGeek via Carectomy]

Does anyone besides me remember these? C'mon people, I saw these in Mexico for Pete's sake, someone here must have seen them too. There were also others. Goofy in the Olympics. Goofy and Music History. Goofy and dance lessons. There were tons.