Monday, January 7, 2008

Kitchen not-so-confidential

One of my favorite reads of 2006, was definitely Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential. Lent to me by a fellow who, as me, thoroughly enjoys the methodology behind the act of eating.

I had seen Anthony Bourdain on television, but it wasn't until I read the book, that I realized how big of a bad-ass this guy is.

One thing that stood out through his preface and some of the chapters, was his adamant dislike of the Food Network. Hilariously enough, in an updated version, he talks about his meetings with some great chefs of whom he had spoken not too kindly in his book, being completely nice to him and inviting him out to dinner, some even cooking for him!

Well today, through Serious Eats, I came across a blog entry of his where he monsoons down upon the FN once more. I find it highly entertaining.
They have nothing newer, or fresher or better - after all that time - than my first, stumbling, nascent attempts at making travel/food television? They don't have any material from anyone else - like from someone who doesn't make constant rude and obscene suggestions about their stable of "stars?" Surely they haven't reached so far down the bottom of the archives as to want ME back?! [Serious Eats via Eater]
On his blog entry he goes on to describe his conspiracy theories, of why the Food Network would be rerunning his old series "A Cook's Tour", right as his Travel Channel series No Reservations is about to air.
They're not putting the show back on because they like it. They're trying to destroy me!" I theorized. People will surely comment on the striking - even horrifying - decline in my appearance since those few years ago - and will wonder why they would still watch someone who is clearly dying of some hideous hair whitening, skin puffing, tropical bloating disease. Or maybe they're putting it back on as a deliberate strategy to break off and confuse a segment of potential audience who might otherwise be tuning in to the exciting new season of NO RESERVATIONS (the vastly superior and more expensive series on TRAVEL CHANNEL)! Maybe ... maybe it's vengeance for some of the Rachael Ray cracks. [Anthony Bourdain's Blog]
This is exactly the kind of stuff that made Kitchen Confidential such an entertaining book for me. Well, that and his massive sexually-charged, drug-hazed, violent kitchen tales that make me want become a chef. Check out his book if you get a chance. If you're not really the reading type, check out his cook book (which is going on my wish list) and cook something up.

If you so desire, I'm always down to go check out the D.C. version of his fantastic NYC restaurant Les Halles.