Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Arrgh, matey! I love me some bacon!

In the grand ol' spirit of fine, bacon-worshipping entries, we (and by "we", I completely mean "I") bring you again via Easyjo, another meaty concoction of the pork kind. We have been tipped off by the creator about a new project he has just completed.

From the same people that brought you the meat house, unveiled is:


[Easyjo's Meat Ship Gallery]

In the same bacon spirit we found some more of that sweet bacon gear you've grown to love.

A t-shirt [via Serious Eats] bearing only the best diagram to ever depict the butchering of a pig for consumption:

[Available for purchase now!]

And a new version of the ever-sought-after bacon scarf [via Slashfood] is now available as well! SOLD OUT.

[This one, sadly, is no longer on sale as there was only one made]