Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Time to slice my fingers open

Starla's finally out of the shop (!!!) and after about a 120 minute one-on-one session between me and her of remembering my way around her (and having my way with her), it is quite obvious that I need to practice and hit the strings hard. My fingertips are sore from hitting those metal strings. I love that feeling as I love the soreness in my muscles after a good work out, I missed it.

There is a number of songs I want to get down. The first being The Island: Come and See The Landlord's Daughter (You'll Not Feel the Drowning) by The Decemberists. I took a crack at We Both Go Down Together (I love this song, ultimate star crossed story) by them as well and got the chords down and the singing part to a T (although my voice is def. not one for singing). I also toyed around with a Smashing Pumpkins arrangement of The Cure's A Night Like This last night, which I got down pretty good.

I really need to work on my finger work, however. I can do chords with minimal effort, but once you start throwing in scales, melodies, and solos in there, I'm pretty much at a loss. I played around with some blues scales and some jazz scales, I hope these can start helping my mobility and my agility.

A couple of nights ago, trying my hardest to go to sleep, I put on something on TV to watch. Unfortunately, it was something that caught my attention until it was over and only kept me up longer thinking about what I need to do. It was a documentary covering the scene that for so many years I was a part of and to this day overcomes me with only the minimal beat coming out of the speakers. The film was Put the Needle on the Record, which was a collection of footage of parties and interviews throughout Miami's notorious and infamous Winter Music Conference. where anyone and everyone involved in the electronic dance music scene and industry are at. Fantastic documentary, a more grown up and mature look at the industry from what Better Living first showcased a few years back. In any case check it out, it features some of the biggest names and most influential personalities of the dance world, and the opening track is off of the Latin Project compilation (which I need to figure out where I left that CD).

In any event, this film aside from making me want to fly out to Miami come end of March for this year's WMC, it got me to thinking about my computer, and all the music production software I purchased, and how now that Starla's come back into my life, it's time to buy an interface and actually make some music.

So I will be shopping around for something, preferably with a keyboard, to be able to plug in and get this shit started. Also, I need to find myself copies of Cuebase and Logic (anyone out there with access to these, please hit me up!) to be able to get the ball rolling. How else will I be able to ever live out my dreams of being a bedroom DJ? Heh.