Monday, March 17, 2008

...And We're Back!!!

After neglecting all you fanciful and loyal reader(s?) of mine, I return somewhat hurried, but much obliged to update some. After spending a few days out of commission due to several different illnesses that all befell upon me at once, I'm now back at work doing what I do best. Blogging.

There was brief scare of potential kidney issues, which thankfully, an ultrasound was able to clear up. I will not go into the details of what was actually wrong, but if you really care that much and I'm drunk enough, I will tell you. It is a hilariously awkward story. More awkward if I'm sober. I was asked to strip down and get on one of those hospital robes, it was a bit uncomfortable. Why with all the getting lubed up and rubbed down by a twenty-something year old girl. who also had full access to my ridiculous medical record.

[At the diagnostic center awaiting an ultrasound]

Upon my return to work last week, I was lucky enough for my office to actually remember my birthday and we celebrated it 3 weeks later, not only that, but get this, I also got to buy my own cake! Geez, guys, really you didn't have to. Well, I think of myself enough to go all out so I went ahead and ordered myself a delicious Mocha cake from Cakelove, which was more than a hit. I would die for a slice of that right now, definitely worth the elevated price tag.

[I lost the picture of the actual cake, but it read "Happy Birthday to Me"]

On the way to pick up the cake, I had a late bday lunch at a place that I had heard of tons, but had never had a chance to go to. That's right, DC's own Ben's Chili Bowl. I helped myself to a delicious half-smoke with everything on it and a side (which could have very well been an entree) of their famous chili-cheese fries. Wow. Deliciously artery-clogging. Definitely one of those once every six months type of joints. Yet definitely a must.

[image: cool town studios]


It was almost as though the doctor had told me everything was fine and I could just eat whatever I wanted. Especially fare that could be linked to kidney failure. So I went all out. The next day I followed it up with making the Justice show at the 9:30 club, which was pretty awesome. I think I've gotten to the point where I'm over watching DJs "perform", and now actually enjoy the music and ripping up the dancefloor. which is what I did, although I do have to point out that their set up was sick. Lights and decor were unique and kept the energy of the room lit up.

The next day, dinner at Rio Grande Restaurant in Fairfax, where I proceeded again to fail at following doctor's orders. Ordered for dinner a margarita and the Shrimp Brochette. Oh. My. God. The Shrimp Brochette. Grilled Jumbo Shrimp. Stuffed with cheese and a jalapeƱos. Wrapped in bacon. served with a tub of butter for dipping. Most likely to be voted the nearest experience to heaven on earth.

And to end the weekend proper and in good spirits, conjured up a batch of the Sandman Nachos (they will put you to sleep!) and killed ab bottle of wine. In an attempt to finally watch Serenity (the sequel to the awesomeness that was Firefly), which was a failed attempt at best when after gorging on nachos.

Well, on that note. I completed my weekend in celebration that my innards are, in fact, in perfect working order and being as unproductive as possible. So for now, back to blogging!