Monday, March 24, 2008

Mexican Gorditas

Mexico finally gets ahead in the race and is now number two, only behind the U.S. Oh, wait. Number two fattest nation in the world. I guess that's good, right? That means we're well-fed people. In old times extra weight was a sign of affluence and wealth. Now it's just a sign that you can't keep from shoving stuff in your mouth for more than an hour.

I suppose the fact that the terms such as Gordito(a) or Gordis are terms of endearment in Mexico doesn't really help the issue. I remember growing up there how the culture calls for consuming as much Coca-Cola as possible in a day, not to mention the chicharrones with Salsa Valentina, and without forgetting to fry and re-fry everything on the menu for dinner. I'm not one to debate it. I grew up with it. I fucking love it. Like a fat kid loves churros. Oh wait.

"People don't eat right anymore," said Garcia Garduno , mixing a drink of strawberries and pineapple. "Instead of coming here and purchasing a fruit drink, they prefer to walk across the street and buy fried pork chips. That's why so many Mexicans are obese." [Yahoo! News]
I feel that. Nothing like the smell of a pot of Queso Fundido con Chorizo, a fat stack of tortillas to push it in, and a cold Sidral Mundet to wash it down. It's almost as though even Mexicans have adopted the the American phrase "Don't drink the water" and put it to practice. No one in my family drinks water these days. Soda, coffee, beer, liquor, or aguas frescas. La Virgen nos salve de tomar agua.

As in the U.S., Mexicans are living more sedentary lives. Studies show that they're eating more fat and processed foods, and fewer whole grains and vegetables. Foods— healthy and unhealthy— that once were unavailable now can be purchased at new modern supermarkets. In some areas of the country, it's easier to get a soft drink than a clean glass of water. The vast majority of Mexico City's public schools, and many private schools, lack drinkable water, Popkin said. [Yahoo! News]

In any case, way to go Mexico. Let's keep going and try to sink the city back into the lake it was built on.