Thursday, April 24, 2008

Give me a minute.

While I clean myself up. I made weewee in my pants upon discovery of this site.


It was like overload. It's like being either really hungry or really drunk and driving up to Wendy's and ordering a Baconator. Mixing two of my most favorite things ever in life, Cooking with Rockstars, brings together food and music all in one. And as pissed as I am that I didn't think of it first, I have to hand it to Jen she has a great concept (and great music taste from where I can see). Maybe I can play off of it, should I play my cards right.

She has some great interviews with amazing artists on this video-blog-esque online show. She talks to the artists for a few minutes on what their favorite foods are and sure enough she sets out to find the recipe and discuss in more detail.

CwRS is now my new girlfriend and I want to bear her children.

This week. St. Vincent!