Monday, April 14, 2008

It rubs the breast milk on its skin, or else it gets the cheese again. [Gross]

[photo: Chad Coombs]

So in the tradition of eating after-birth for dinner in celebration of a new one, comes this bizarre attempt at cheesifying (word?) one's own breast milk. The thought of it repulses me far beyond anything I could think up. Almost 2 girls 1 cup gross.

Here's the story of one, "Rani", who actually tried making Paneer out of frozen breast milk. Unsuccessful as it may have been, she does make reference to making cream soup with it before. Definitely one of those things that sounds fun in your head, but it's completely different once you see/read it.

My extensive experience in making Paneer compelled me to try something different, that is, making Paneer out of my own breastmilk. Basically this is human cheese. Why would I do that? Well, basically, there are about twenty bags (each 150ml) of frozen breastmilk in the fridge, and they have passed their three months drinkability period, which means I would not be able to donate the milk like I did before. But the milk is still less than six month old, which is the actual expiry date. So what do I do with it? I could make cream soup like I did several months ago. But I really wanted to try something different, and making Breast Milk Paneer sounds really exciting. [Indrani]
Excuse me while I hurl.