Monday, April 14, 2008

Questionable Credentials

Given that I'm a little late on my posts and trying to play catch up, some of these posts may seem dated, some not, but browsing through the backed-up reader I came across a posting on Smart Money, which brough back memories of Bourdain talking smack about the Food Network and it's "celebrity" chefs in Kitchen Confidential.

Here's point 3 on the list:

"Just because I have a cooking show doesn't mean I'm a chef."When the Food Network canceled Emeril Live in 2007, it put TV chefs with actual chef experience on the endangered list. The new food faces tend to be cookbook authors and soccer-mom cooks. The problem, says American Culinary Federation President John Kinsella, is that "people call anyone who writes a cookbook a chef. That's not what a chef is." [Smart Money]
I hear that.