Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the hypocrisy of world leaders

I constantly see this type of stuff happen. Large meetings of world heads on how to get potable water to remote villages and areas without. Large meetings held in large rooms with fountains of water and water drip wall formations.

Here it is once more.

Just two days ago, Gordon Brown was urging us all to stop wasting food and combat rising prices and a global shortage of provisions. But yesterday the Prime Minister and other world leaders sat down to an 18-course gastronomic extravaganza at a G8 summit in Japan, which is focusing on the food crisis. [Huffington Post]

The world lacks serious organization. In a planet where more foodis thrown away per day than what it would take to feed everyone. It's a sad thing to watch capitalism, the answer to socialism, collapse not only country people, but the world entirely in it's greed-fueled rampage to dominate. Sad really.