Thursday, December 27, 2007

Art Imitates Food?

Amongst a few other things, art is definitely one of my hobbies and something I like to indulge in on occasion, whether it's going out to a gallery showing or sitting down for a few hours to cross-hatch my way to nirvana. It's always something that draws my attention. Food art is something I used to never really think about that much until I took up the kitchen as a serious hobby. Even then I normally only thought of it in terms of presentation. As I've been touring the galleries, I've picked up more and more on classics and moderninst capturing still life with ingredients in manners that I never imagined possible. Giving food a completely new perspective. Today I came accross a slide show put together by one of the oldest periodicals in this country, that is very well-known for their cover art. The New Yorker.

They've complied a slide show of about 21 covers all food-related. [via: Serious Eats]

This cover in particular reminded of how I'm always taken back when I find myself at dinner party engaged in great conversation with friends. Good times.