Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hangover cure a-la-Mexicana

I blogged about being hungover a few days ago after drinking with a friend. Well, the day after that, being New Year's Eve, I continued on my binge and woke up on New Year's feeling a step up from defeated. At my friend's house I discovered that I had brought him, from my last trip to Mexico, a box of machaca.

Chihuahua Country machaca is by far the best dried, cured beef in the market. I grew up with it, and it's definitely high-end stuff (not just any machaca will taste as good and/or do the trick as this one does). Feeling like my innards would dissolve if I didn't stuff them with something fast enough, I cooked it up for the house that morning. I was out of it enough to feel like it all needed to be documented step by step.


Fried up some onions

Busted out the Mama Lycha

How many eggs will that be?

Whipped up some eggs

Threw down the beans and refried them

Machaca in the pan, searing with onions before the eggs.

Threw in the eggs and some tomatoes

And voila! Huevos y Machaca a la Mexicana

Sprinkle some citrus on that and eat with some fresh jalapeƱos and you're set to take on any kind of malnourishment from the night before. Definitely a must after drinking a bottle of tequila.