Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pepsi thinks video games will help Mexican fat kids lose weight, drink more Pepsi

This is almost as retarded as the parents who got Wii's for their kids to improve their physical activity. In a country where the average family can barely afford to live, and a Pepsi is worht about as much as the minimum wage for a days work, how exactly will the kids be able to afford these electronic toys? Will it be by collecting Pepsi bottle caps?

Drink more pepsi, get fat, the collect a toy to help you lose weight!

The company's answer - called Live Healthily - aims to teach a million children in primary schools around the country that they should match the calories they consume with the calories they use up doing exercise.

The centrepiece is a tamagotchi-like computer game in which a child called a nutrin must be guided through everyday decisions about what to buy, what to eat and what sports to play. Periodic visits to the doctor provide health checks. [The Guardian]
If DDR couldn't do it, what hopes does Pepsi have?