Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We built this city on...cold cuts?

Right when I start thinking that the world's gone mad and everybody's going vegetarian, I blink twice and find an underground scene, I never knew existed. Well, maybe not so much a scene as crazy people with too much time on their hands, which technically is what a scene is.

At different points in my life, I believe I attempted scenester-isms. It was disastrous. Poorly groomed, obese, and with the fashion sense of a crab. (!!!)

Me at a rave trying real hard to fit in, circa 2001

Bacon attire. Apparently Bacon is not as lame as those Peta people would make it out to be. It is in fact delicious, nutritious, and delicious (that's right! two times delicious). Who needs a fox or a mink, when you can sport sweet, sweet bacon!?!

One of my favorite dishes to make and to eat are bacon-wrapped shrimp. Well, now during the winter I can feel like one with one of two choices!

[Baconwrapt] $38

[Shopsin's General Store] $35

This next one even SMELLS of bacon!!

[Archie McPhee] $99.95

Hell, you can even build a ginger...err...meat house for the holidays! [Slashfood via Easyjo]

The closest I ever got to food architecture and shocking fashion was Christmas of 1990.

I think my mom shopped in New Delhi for my Holiday attire

People were clearly out to destroy me. Obvs.