Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Edible Vinyl: WANT

It's not secret that I like toys almost as much as I like food. Well not quite as much, but pretty high up on the chart of wasted income.

Well, yesterday, while "thumbing" through our secret bf, Killah Beez, we came accross a perfect combination of or beloved urban vinyl and, get this, cream puffs!!! If you're unfamiliar with the vinyl, be sure to stop by and get acquainted.

Well, without further adue, GUE presents to you Pocketwookie's Tasty Treats!

These guys are awesome. I mean, I've come across some sweet customized DIY Munny's before, but wow. These guys actually tricked me and for a second I wanted to put one in my mouth or lick the monitor at the very least.

The texture of the puff pastry Munny combined with the frosting, and the very well-designed box all played a trick on me.

and then there's the mini-pops!

[Images: Killahbeez via Pocketwookie]