Thursday, February 28, 2008

Street Art and Culture Night (inadvertently)


As mentioned previously, I set out yesterday to make the lecture by Marc and Sara Schiller from the Wooster Collective on the urban street art movement, its influences in modern day art, and how it's infiltrating galleries.

Marc and Sara Schiller Speaking at the Wooster Collective Urban Art Lecture

They did an amazing job at covering all the bases. From its roots, to its key players, to where the movement is headed, and what its all about. They had an awesome slideshow including works from some of my favorites and even some new artists I'd never heard of but defenitely caught my attention. Pieces from Banksy, Swoon (<3), JR, and Elbow-Toe were present on this well-crafted slide program.

They also had set up a hallway downstairs with a series of pieces on exhibit that will go on acution at a time that I am unaware of. I will keep checking and update this (xx/xx/xx) as soon as possible. They had definitely acquired a good set and it was quite the treat to catch a glimpse of some of these guys' works without having to hunt them down in alleys and tunnels in the NYC. Check it out if you get a chance before the works are gone.

Random urban works

After a very fullfiling lecture and walk about the gallery, I headed to meet a friend for coffee, when something unexpected came up and took a detour to meet said friend at Kickballers. According to my "sources" it is their last week (if not day) in business. Be sure to go out and cop some of the stuff they still have on the racks at super cheap prices!

Although it wasn't my regular hang out spot, I did spend some time there buying some awesome gear and toys. I think they were doing a fantastic job at pushing the street scene to the mainstream in DC. There's only a handful of establishments doing so with new ones sprouting up all over the place. It's sad to see an awesome project like this fade out in the ocean that is M Street Georgetown. Best of luck to these guys in the future.

KB after party in my room

We shared a few drinks, had some awesome Middle Eastern fare (second in choice only to Moby Dick's which was closed at the time), and wasted time browsing the racks and searching for good deals. They had brought back some of the custom Munny's on display from the Say Whatt?! show, of which I tried to scoop one up unwittingly, as they are going for about $600 a piece. (eek!) The owner was also having everyone sign one piece of wall that he wanted to conserve as memorabilia, in which I got a chance to get my grubby fingers on a few sharpies and leave a mark.

panoramic wall shot

Definitely make it out there if you can, they're getting rid of everything for dirt cheap, and I mean everything. Hangers, shelving units, decor, and, of course, merchandise. Get on it, tsun!