Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Art Imitates Life: Street Art...DC

On of GUE's illicit love affairs continues to be with Wooster Collective, beloved blog site featuring street art photography and video from submitters all around the globe, and they're coming to DC!!

Some of my favorite names I've learned through WC and continue to follow them outside of there. Wooster is also responsible (as far as I can tell) for a similar new photo blog by the name of Streetsy. Which also features some fantastic stencil artwork.

Marc and Sara Schiller, creators of the site, will be making an appearance in DC tonight! Presenting some slides and giving a lecture on the amazingly beautiful art one can find in the streets and how this art has become such an influence in modern and contemporary art that can now be found in galleries and museums throughout the world.

Marc and Sara will be presenting this fun, and sometimes powerful, ephemeral medium and outlining its explosion all around the world. Employing nontraditional techniques such as paste, stencils and spray paint, the artists show off their talents in unlikely places. "They travel to do it and are very considerate of what locations pieces go in," said Sara, "They are doing something illegal every day by putting up art to be consumed by the public, which flies in the face of what the art world is typically about." [DCist]
Street art defenitely influnces a lot of what I do as an "artist" as well as a lot of my lifestyle. So you can probably guess I've already wet my pants over this a few times since finding out. Make sure and come out!

[Wooster Collective]

From the Streets to the Gallery: How Contemporary Art is Being Influenced by the Urban Experience

When: Tonight from 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Where: Katzen Arts Center at American University, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.

RSVP to info [at] or 202-234-7103.