Friday, March 21, 2008

Edumacation Progress. [Baby Steps]

I made it on Wednesday to my appointment at the Art Institute to speak with an Admissions Consultant. I got a tour of the campus grounds where the culinary program takes place. A lot of it reminded me of the grounds at L'Academie, but AI had a few more tricks up their sleeve. They have an awesome part of the program where you work on the front end of the restaurant (dining room). They actually have a 4-star restaurant set up on the 12th floor near the kitchen classrooms, name Culinaire, where you serve random guests and are responsible for the operations on that side of the room. This does not take place, if I understood correctly until about your Junior year.

They have a lot more classes that go with the curriculum than a regular school does. For example, for my electives I will be able to choose classes such as Web Design or Photography. Basically anything they offer as long as it's approved by the Dean.

It was all really exciting. Being there, talking to them about it, and (although I know they're probably just worried about taking my money) they were super encouraging and helpful about everything. The campus is conveniently located about 10 minutes away from where I work currently, so that will dissolve commuting issues.

At the moment the only thing we're waiting for is for all the financial aid paperwork processing tobe completed. I locked down an appointment next Tuesday with an Admissions Officer and should everything be kosher, I should be commencing classes come April 1st. I'm really trying not to overexhert myself in anticipation just in case something comes up and this doesn't materialize, but I can say that I am doing everything in my power to achieve this. Stay tuned, more to come.