Friday, March 21, 2008

DC's Best Bakeries. Really?

The people
[Crumbs, LA]

Gridskipper had a write up about DC's best bakeries and although I haven't been to all of these, I can definitely attest to at least two of these based on personal experience. Also on one more based on word-of-mouth reviews. I, for one, have a strong sweet tooth and can easily fall prey to anything that even looks like it may contain sugar. Not to say that anything containing sugar is suitable for ingestion. In my recent visit to LA I got a chance to try some awesome cupcakes at Crumbs and experienced heaven in all of its gloriousness with some cream puffs at Beard Papa's.

  1. Georgetown Cupcake - Although I haven't been yet, I hear these cupcakes are too small and not very delicious, not to mention not worth their price tag.
  2. Patisserie Poupon
  3. Sticky Fingers - These guys used to cater their delicious pastries to Java Green, as they are heaven for vegans and vegetarians alike. Not once sacrificing taste for politics.
  4. Best Buns Bread Company
  5. Pastries by Randolph - I was lucky enough to know someone once employed by them who fed me their eclairs. OMG their eclairs. Definite must.
  6. Baked & Wired