Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mixtape: Crystal Castles!

That time again to throw down some rear-shakin' beats! Pitchfork brings forth a thirty-three minute mix by DJ Howlemonkey in which he not only mashes up, but more skillfully mixes a bunch of cleverly named band, Crystal Castles' tracks with a few random electro tracks scattered around for variety. Get familiar with Crystal Castles and read up on their current art drama.

Download: Here

The track list:
1. Crystal Castles: "Magic Spells"
2. Uffie: "Make It Hott (Crystal Castles Remix)"
3. Crystal Castles: "Knights"
4. GoodBooks: "Leni (Crystal Castles Remix)"
5. HEALTH: "Crimewave (Crystal Castles Remix)"
6. Crystal Castles: "Alice Practice"
7. Klaxons: "Atlantis to Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix)"
8. The Whip: "Divebomb (Crystal Castles Remix)"
9. Soho Dolls: "Trash Rental (Crystal Castles Remix)"
10. Bloc Party: "Hunting for Witches (Crystal Castles Remix)"
11. The Little Ones: "Lovers who Uncover (Crystal Castles Remix)"
12. Liars: "It Fit When I Was a Kid (Crystal Castles Remix)"