Friday, March 21, 2008

Bourdain: Real or Fake?

[Brasserie Les Halles, DC]

While a number of my peers are skeptical about Bourdains legitimacy, another bunch are huge fans (myself included). While I have yet to experience any of his cooking first-hand, and at the rate he's roaming the world and the media I doubt it will be anytime soon. I base my fanatism of Bourdain on his persona and character, which funnily enough is the very reason why some of my friends want nothing to do with him. His stories in Kitchen Confidential were more than just a set of imagery and verb. The book helped me solidify my vision of what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do it. He reassured me that no matter how bad it looks you can come out on top. I mean look at him now, right? In his previously posted interview with Google, he talks about how his book did this precise thing for many other people and how it also did the exact opposite for others.

One of the places that I've been dying to visit in DC for a while now is Les Halles. Clearly out of curiousity. Although I've heard a couple of bad remarks about the place (obvs from anti-Tony people), but have missed my opportunity to go the last couple of Restaurant Weeks. Through the blogroll this morning I came across a review of the restaurant off of a pretty well-known DC food blog and was happy to find a review quite different from what my "friends" keep relaying.

Les Halles is one of the best bargains in the downtown area for the local Francophile, offering some on the most well priced French bistro treats I've found in the DC area.[DC Foodies]
I really have to go check this place out now! I have to judge for myself. My next question was also covered in the review, thankfully. Drinks.
...there is a good selection of bottles to be had, including several Belgian 750s at under 2x retail, which is pretty good for a bistro. The wines-by-the-glass list numbers around twenty, incorporating an eclectic selection of wine from such places as Provence, Mendoza, and New York, ranging in price from $6.50 to $20.00 a hit. [DC Foodies]
Perfect for out-of-town guests (which I should be having some in the next couple of months).

If you've visiting guests from less metropolitan areas, Les Halles is a great place to introduce them to French cuisine without intimidation or bank account depletion. [DC Foodies]
One of my favorite things about Bourdain is his bluntness. His utter disregard for what other people think. He says what he feels and couldn't give two flying ducks about reactions or consequences. His brutal honesty is one I admire. And like so, expect a full on review of my experience there.